Live octopus in LA Koreatown (2019)

Went to New york and LA at the beginning of 2019. Growing up watching American shows and movies, hearing about the Koreatown, and that our family could have migrated to the US instead of Australia had developed my romanticisation of America. Felt like America would be the alternate reality to how my life could have turned out.

As soon as I returned to Sydney, I bowed down beneath my parents and thanked them for making the decision they had made.


One thing I remember vividly and miss is the live octopus I used to have quite frequently in Korea. 

Something impossible to get in Australia for logistic reasons paired up with veganism, which makes the desire to consume stronger. Walking along the so called 'Koreatown' (I would compare this road to Parramatta road in Sydney, empty, spaced out, very long)  for an hour, I came across a Korean Sashimi restaurant, here I am reunited.

To those who are curious to why and how it tastes, I compare it to sparkling water.

You don't drink sparkling water for taste, you drink it for the texture. 

The way it moves and sticks in the inside of your mouth is other worldly.

10/10 would go back to LA just for this experience again.

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