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“너 같은 딸 꼭 낳아라” 

아빠는 곧 이런 저주같은 말을 퍼 붛었다

내가 남자아이로 태어났다면

맏아들 으로서 이름이 용호 였을꺼야




하지말라면 더하고싶은 심리는 과연 무엇일까

마냥 청개구리 처럼 말이야


미대다니 더니, 타투하고, 이제 여자도 좋다니! 

다음은 뭐, 감옥가겠네?


우리 이쁜 딸

아빠같이 듬직한 남편 만나야지

좋은 남자 만나서 시집가서, 집사고 아이 나야지

마냥 싫은건 아니지만 괜히 싫어


넌너무 independent 해!

Miss independent 


Cher 가 인터뷰에서 그녀의 어머니가 

“돈많은 남자랑 결혼해”는 말에 

“Mom I am a rich man” 라고 답한걸 보며

와 멋있다고 생각됐다


꽃도 좋지만 난 나무가 돼고싶어


아빠는 나의 문신을 매우 싫어한다, 엄청많이

내 문신을 감자깍기 로 깍고 싶어할정도로




어느 일요일, 엄마는 나의 쩍벌다리와 근육을 만들겠다는 나의 집착이 못마땅한듯, “딸” 이라는 단어를 반복했다, 마냥 충분히 반복한다면 그단어가 나에 몸에 박힐것처럼


그날따라 그단어가 매우 거슬리게 들렸다 


그럼 아들할래?

아니 딸도, 아들도 싫어,
그냥 엄마의 자식이면 안돼?


…알겟어 아딸 어때?


이제 효도 좀 해야할듯하다 



이글을 만약 엄마아빠 가읽는다면 

나한테 번역사 한번 해보라 하겠지

“I hope your daughter turns out to be just like you” 

He would say like a curse

If I was born as a boy, I’d be the first son to the family and my name would be dragons and tigers 




I’m a born rebel, you can’t tell me what to do! 

What’s with that


First you went to art school, you got tattooed, then you like  women! What’s next, jail?


My pretty daughter

You must meet a man like your dad

Get married, buy a house, have children 

It’s not that I am opposed to this, but yeah


You’re too independent!

Miss independent


In an interview with Cher, she responds to her
mother’s wish “settle with a rich man” with
“Mom I am a rich man” 

I thought thats hot


Flowers are great but I want to be a tree


Dad hates my tattoos, a lot

He would say he’d peel them off with a potato peeler




One sunday afternoon, mum unimpressed by my wide spread legs and my obsessions of getting swole

She repeated the word ‘daughter’, as if saying it enough times will ingrain it on my body


It disturbed me particularly on that day

I don’t want to be a daughter

Would you like to be a son?

No I don’t want to be a daughter neither a son,
can’t I just be your child?


… okay, how’s 아딸?


I think it is time I come around to the ‘Filial piety’



If my parent’s were to ever read this, they would suggest me to seriously consider the career of being a translator

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