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O-E Gum (2022)
Resin, pigments, led lighting
50x 13x 5cm
Originally casted in candy, it is a cucumber and a toy sword assembled together and captured in silicone mould before it's decay. The artist found the casting process fascinating as it embodied a photographic process of capturing the ephemeral. They aim to deconstruct the construction of power, desire, fear and the temporal nature of our lives to question our stagnant ideologies and values. The first version of O-E Gum was made during the 2020 lock down, when the the grocers were their main activity to step out of their home. They were drawn to the cucumbers in the veggie aisle and made it their mission to find the perfect one.

Commissioned by The Lock-Up gallery for Playground curated by Holly Farrell

O-E Gum (2020)

Sugar, water, corn syrup, artificial colouring, perspex, led strip

60x 21x 9cm

Freud has a sweet tooth (2021)

Digital print

3D render of O-E Gum created by Albert Lee

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