EJ Son is a interdisciplinary artist working with video, ceramics and installation. Born in South Korean and immigrated to Sydney at the age of seven. She’s struggled to navigate through life with racism and patriarchy interrupting her, but she’s finally had enough and lost her sanity, or perhaps found her sanity to reconstruct reality through laugher, orgasms and ‘cute’ objects. She believes perversion is a symptom of life, and everyones a little perverted one way or another to varying degrees and intensity. It is how we cope in this sick sad world. But she finds special merit in women’s perversion, as their pleasures have been restricted to and shaped around the phallus. Desires for anything else apart from it has been deemed abnormal and hysterical. So with this logic of “abnormalisation” of the female agency and pleasure historically, socially and culturally; liberated woman are perverts as they are no long determined by the phallocentric values and ideologies. She believes her perversion has the power to subvert the racial hierarchy and the patriarchal discourse. To be liberated from the systems in which the secrets of pleasure are suppressed. She wants to be a creature of an uninhabited existence. To celebrate this female perversity, claim back the power of language to re-define ourselves.

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